Homage To Sarasate (1975) [Orchestral Work]

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  1. Amongst them one can single out the Capriccio, written in homage to Sarasate in , the Sonata pimpante of , and the last of these works, the Set cançons valencianes of Both the Sonata and the Set cançons were written for, Agustín León Ara, his son-in-law and also an outstanding interpreter of the Concierto de estío.
  2. Homage to Casals and to Sarasate were the first in this new period,although Sinfonia en Negro () already hinted at this new style by usingAfro rhythms with those avant-garde techniques. The other two works on this CD,Symphony No.4 'Lausanne' and Zapata: Images for Orchestra use Swiss and Mexicanfolk ideas.
  3. ABSTRACT. Title of Document. SPANISH DANCES FOR VIOLIN: THEIR. ORIGIN AND INFLUENCES. Tao-Chang Yu, Doctor of Musical Arts, Directed By: Professor of Violin and Chair of the String. Division, Gerald Fischbach, School of Music. Many of the Spanish-styled violin virtuoso pieces from the midth century to. the twentieth century were dedicated to, or inspired by Pablo de Sarasate’s.
  4. Oct 29,  · PITTSBURGH—The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's Composer of the Year for the season is eight composers—all of them based in Pittsburgh and connected to .
  5. The "Homage to Sarasate" and the "Homage to Casals" both from , belong to Balada's most recent creative period where ethnic melodies are combined with avant-garde techniques. The "Homage to Sarasate" is quite extroverted and the incorporation of a traditional Spanish dance (the zapateado) is readily apparent/5(4).
  6. Orchestral Concerto Chamber Music. Submit Corrections. Leonardo Balada Biography by Robert Cummings + Follow Artist. From about the late '80s Spanish-born American composer Leonardo Balada began to emerge from relative obscurity to become one of the leading composers of his generation. The Barcelona premiere of Read Full Biography.
  7. Homage to Sarasate and Homage to Casals (both ) are based on models, Pablo de Sarasate's Zapateado in the former case and Pablo Casals' El cant des ocells in the latter. Both pieces are submitted to considerable fragmentation and combination in a collage-like approach; in the second piece more of the folksy original is retained, and for 8/
  8. Later, he was credited with pioneering a blend of ethnic music with avant-garde techniques, creating an influential and very personal style which began with Sinfonía en Negro: Homage to Martin Luther King (), Homage to Casals () and Homage to Sarasate (). Balada has received several international awards and an honour from the.

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