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  1. Želite više detalja o Vašoj tvrtki? Prikaz svih kontakt podataka s mogućnošću izmjene sadržaja, neograničen broj proizvoda/usluga, mogućnost postavljanja fotografija uz svaki proizvod /uslugu, karta s lokacijom, postavljanje logotipa, galerija fotografija, promotivni oglas - .
  2. The main mission of IVAO is to bring users (amateur or not) to the aeronautical simulation and to the environment of the actual operations carried out at present by the professionals of this sector. Its main tool is the IVAN network (International Virtual Aviation Network), which is complemented by two programs. The first, IVAP, is the client.
  3. Lada Fomenko is a president of IVAO LTD. Also Lada is a co-founder and former managing director of Eternal Youth Fund, providing scientific projects in the field of life extension and longevity. Furthermore, she has founded Health of Society LTD. And for the last .
  4. Drava rezultati in razporedi - spremljaj Drava rezultate v živo, končne rezultate, razporeditve in podrobnosti tekem na
  5. IVAO - SAUDI ARABIA. IVAO: The International Virtual Aviation Organization. A network for all aviation enthusiasts. From your desktop computer you can discover the whole world by flying your own aircraft, or discover your hidden talent as an air traffic controller, getting the aircraft safely to their destinations.
  6. IVAO allows you to simulate a real world air traffic controller Direct traffic on the ground, or from above as an approach or area controller. Learn More. Pilot IVAO allows you to simulate a real world pilot Take command of any type of aircraft, fly whereever you want.
  7. DRACO d.o.o. DRACO d.o.o., za građenje, trgovinu i usluge OIB: | VAT broj: HR IBAN: HR kod OTP banka d.d.
  8. IVAO is represented locally in the following countries. Countries which do not have an active division are managed directly by the senior departments.

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